The help comes throughout the praying

On the 18th of July our small town has liven up significantly. A lot of cars and people came to the local parish of Saint Nickolas to take part in the annual cross procession which goes along the frontier.

It has become a tradition to arrange a religious  procession passing throughout all the settlements of Vyazemskii district with sacred orthodox things such as cross and banners, lantern, icons and of course prayers. It is an ancient ceremonial solemn march together with priests and parishes. It has a great value for Christianity. Sometimes the procession members cover a huge number of kilometers making unceasing prayer in their way.

The unusual in this procession was that it enveloped two districts – Vyazemskii and Bikinskii. It was devoted to 1000 years of repose of Grand Saint Duke (Prince) Vladimir. It was noticeable that all the participants were concentrated and strongly minded on prayers. Probably,  because some of them took part in the ceremonial march not for the first time.

For the first three days 60 worshippers have overcome more than one hundred kilometres. Along the way other people joined the procession and together with the priest they made prayer near worship crosses. More than that, the orthodox Divine services was made in the local temples. The day of meeting of the cross procession was a true holiday for villagers. As is customary on a holiday all the settlement prepared the treating and set the tables for dear visitors.  No one was  indifferent. Vice versa the villagers were very glad and happy to meet the sacred procession members. They bought books and church utensils in the mobile icon shop. And one should have seen when after service everybody exposed their faces under the water drops which were sprinkled on them by the priest.

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