Family’s Day

On the 3rd of May our local parish of St. Nikolai celebrated Family’s Day the second time. 9 couples of different generations with their children get together to commemorate their holiday. Besides there were 4 guests who were glad to take part in the entertainment. Each couple brought their traditional dish, smiles and holiday mood.
First the festival was opened with the song about family. The names of saint blessed prince Peter and princess Phevroniya were mentioned in it. As it is known they are family patrons.
Then each of the couples discussed how they understand the word “family” and what it means for them. According to their answers family is a ship which keeps all the members together in spite of the stormy weather. For others family is a tree with fruits falling down and giving different shoots. One can say so many men, so many minds. But in any case each family has special world of customs, traditions, history and even something mysterious and unattainable. Also children sang songs, danced waltz, recited poems and simply had joy with their parents.
Everybody can say that all families are different. But it was obviously that we were as one big and friendly unit. We hope it will be a good tradition to celebrate this holiday every year and gather more families in a big one.

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